About Us

The almighty’s utmost gift to us Homo-Sapiens is that we can Re-live nostalgia!

And the most infectious one to make us all nostalgic, are the popsicles. Undoubtedly everybody’s crush ever since we had the sense of temptation!!

POPSKiLAND is flipping the narrative by making delicious treats that are healthy and made with all-natural ingredients. Needless to mention, no harm to health, no teeth complaints whatsoever.

And here is Mr. Popz – the face of the all new
version of popsicles – The POPSKiLAND !!

Let’s Come Together To Make The Whole World

Why Us?

No artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no artificial sweetner

Frozen goodness with a unique range of flavours

Shelf life of 9 months (that’s more than 280 days)

Made with RO water

100 % Nostalgic

Client Testimonials


Every lick of POPSKi reminds me of my childhood. The ‘nostalgic dollies’ actually bring back childhood nostalgia, especially the cola flavour. It tastes exactly like that pepsi from my school days. I would love to buy it for me and my family more often.


I am simply amazed by how natural it tastes. These POPSKis made me feel like actual fruits were incorporated to make them rather than those artificial flavours. I also find the packaging very cute. Overall a good product.


These popsicles are not only nostalgic but I also really liked the taste. There are so many flavours to try and the portion size is also quite sufficient in every pouch. The best thing is that they are also hygienic, unlike that childhood popsicle that my mother would never let me eat.


I like the fact that they are selling them frozen. I am a very impatient person and can’t wait for hours to let them freeze. Also, the taste is just wow! I liked the litchi flavour very much.



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